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Land-at-scale Newsletter Q2 2022 – July, 2022 Online Version
Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland
Dear colleagues,

We have an exciting and eventful quarter to look back on, with learning and exchanging kicking off within the LAND-at-scale program. On June 27 and 28th, RVO welcomed all country partners, knowledge management partners and other LAND-at-scale stakeholders in Utrecht for the first LAND-at-scale exchange. The aim was to familiarize each other with the LAND-at-scale program and its projects, kickstart a culture of learning and exchange through building a community spirit. We are happy to report that this was a success! 

Within the program, we hope to continue such exchanges, both in-person as well as online. One of the topics that we will continue to dive in deeper, is the question of sustaining tenure security. Not only was this topic of discussion during the LAND-at-scale event, but also at a LANDac conference session that same week. In this newsletter, we will share some perspectives on this challenge from the point of view of project partners, the session as well as our knowledge management partners. We hope this will provide some interesting insights and food for thought on the challenge of achieving tenure security at scale and in a sustainable way.

If you have any questions or remarks about LAND-at-scale, please do not hesitate to reach out to us through landatscale@rvo.nl.

Warm regards,

The LAND-at-scale team
Featured articles
Learning from and scaling up tenure security approaches in Burkina Faso
Burkina Faso has a long history of land interventions aiming to achieve tenure security at the local level. The Observatoire National du Foncier (ONF) in Burkina Faso is one of the key players in the country working on mapping land rights within communities at commune-level. How does ONF address the challenge of not only attaining tenure security through mapping, but ensuring these tenure rights last over time?
Read more about ONF’s experiences here    
Challenges to sustain tenure in Colombia: harmonizing indigenous traditions with ‘modernistic’ principles of economic growth
The LAND-at-sale project in Colombia was the first LAND-at-scale project to kick off. With its mid-term review just concluded, the project provides interesting insights into the challenges of not only achieving tenure security but sustaining it over time within a complex context.
Read our interview with Piet Spijkers from Kadaster here
Achieving and sustaining tenure: experiences from Uganda
In Uganda, over 80 percent of the land is accessed through customary land tenure system and most of the communities and families who access land through this tenure do not have any formal documentation. LAND-at-scale is working with GLTN in Uganda to design a scalable approach towards improved tenure security and sustainable land use for men, women and youth on customary land.
Read more about GLTN’s experiences in Uganda here
Seeking inclusive, economical, and technical solutions for a sustainable land administration system in Mozambique
Despite a progressive Land Law in Mozambique, formalizing tenure rights of communities remains a challenge. Terra Firma, one of the LAND-at-scale partners in Mozambique, has worked on achieving tenure security for communities in Mozambique for a long time. To learn more from their experiences and strategies on how to do this in a sustainable way, LAND-at-scale interviewed Maria Muianga from Terra Firma.
Read the interview
Programme highlights
Looking back at the LAND-at-scale Exchange 2022: The importance of collective learning and reflections for land governance support programs
On 27-28 June 2022, RVO organized the first annual LAND-at-scale exchange, bringing together over fifty LAND-at-scale project partners, knowledge management partners, Committee members as well as representatives from the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs for an in-depth introduction of all LAND-at-scale stakeholders and facilitate a learning exchange.
Read more about the exchange here
Sustaining and Scaling Tenure to Land and Forests: Challenges and Opportunities to achieve sustainable solutions at scale
Together with the Tenure Facility, LAND-at-scale organized a session at the LANDac conference about sustaining and scaling tenure to land and forests. The interactive discussion was designed around three provocative statements introduced by partners from the Global Land Tool Network (LAND-at-scale Uganda), SNV (LAND-at-scale Mali) as well as CGIAR.
Read the session summary
Knowledge Management Insight
Insights contributed by LAND-at-scale’s knowledge management partners.
Tenure security through land registration - insights from the ground
Within the LAND-at-scale (LAS) program, tenure security is seen as a central land governance component to bring about structural, just, sustainable and inclusive change: through secure tenure, land right holders will increase their land use, and thus improve their livelihood. In this blog, our knowledge management partners reflect on some critical aspects brought up by the implementing partners during the LAND-at-scale exchange event, and embed them in the wider insights on the relationship between land registration and tenure security that came forward from the LANDac conference.
Read the blog
Tools & Publications
A few examples of useful tools to advance women’s land rights used in the LAND-at-scale portfolio.
Country Guide for Fit for Purpose Land Administration
A key tool in the LAND-at-scale portfolio to achieve tenure security is ‘Fit for Purpose Land Administration’. The tool responds to the challenge that implementation of traditional, Western-style land administration systems is too costly, time consuming and capacity demanding for many contexts. It is estimated that with current rates and methods it will take many decades, probably centuries, to achieve global coverage. The FFLPA-tool provides guidance to implement sustainable and affordable land administration systems in developing countries, enabling security of tenure for all and effective management of land use and natural resources.
Explore the tool
Voluntary Guidelines on the Responsible Governance of Tenure (VGGT)
The LAND-at-scale program and its country projects are firmly based on the principles of the Volunary Guidelines on the Responsible Governance of Tenure. But what are the VGGT exactly? The VGGT are the internationally negotiated framework to improve land governance. Drafted by over 1000 stakeholders with different cultural backgrounds from all regions of the world, the VGGT were negotiated by Member States of the Committee on World Food Security (CFS) and endorsed on 11 May 2012.
Learn more on the Land Portal’s VGGT portfolio
E-course: Putting the voluntary guidelines on tenure into practice - A learning guide for civil society organizations
This online guide for trainers and facilitators in civil society organizations, presents a methodology and a set of materials based on “A learning guide for civil society organizations”, which provides all the information needed by trainers to deliver the learning program on the voluntary guidelines.
Access the online course
Webinar: Why feelings matter when it comes to measuring tenure security
Key in achieving tenure security is recognizing that a piece of paper, a title deed or otherwise, do not immediately translate into security of tenure. People’s perceptions are a crucial ffactor and need to be incorporated when measuring tenure security. This is discussed clearly in this recorded discussion of Prindex on why it is important to take into account feelings and perceptions of tenure security in measuring it.
Watch the video
Events and opportunities
Event: Conference “The failed promise of tenure security”
Date: August 17-19, 2022
Location: Online
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Event: FIG Congress 2022
Date: September 11-15th, 2022.
Location: Warsaw, Poland
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